Where To Find Wholesale Breads

If you have a large family that eats a lot of bread and you are looking for ways to reduce the cost, buying wholesale bread may be the best option for you. The question is, where can you find and buy wholesale bread? There are actually several wholesale bread suppliers, and you may be surprised at just where you can find them.

Bakery Thrift Stores

Bakery thrift stores are often built, owned and operated by major name-brand bakeries. These name-brand bakeries produce thousands of loaves of bread and individually-wrapped pastries and treats every month. To reduce inventory and feed hungry families like yours, they sell everything wholesale out of their thrift shops. To find a name-brand bakery thrift shop near you, you can either contact the parent company that runs the thrift shop as part of their charitable contribution sector, or look it up in a business directory. (If you live some distance from a major city, it is best to contact the parent company rather than track down the "local" information.)

"Mom and Pop" Bakeries

If you do not mind day-old bread (or even if you actually prefer day-old bread) you can buy wholesale bread from a local "mom-and-pop" bakery. Usually whatever local bakeries do not sell one day they will deep-discount to sell the next, and when they cannot sell it by the second or third day, they will either donate to local soup kitchens and food pantries or dispose of it. While the bread is still technically fresh by most market standards, day-old, made from scratch bread begins to lose some of its flavor and smell, making it less popular and less likely to sell to anyone who prefers fresh daily bread.

Wholesale Food Markets

Individually owned and operated wholesale food markets are either local or regional, but rarely or never national. Not only will you find enormous amounts of wholesale bread in these stores, but lots of other wholesale foods, some of which may be locally and/or organically grown. The only drawback to buying bread from a wholesale food market is that often there is a limited selection of breads and a limited number of loaves given to these stores by wholesale bread suppliers. If you want to make sure you get the best and healthiest loaves for your family, find out when the bread suppliers bring a shipment into the wholesale food market and plan to arrive on that day when the store opens.