Three Ways to Keep Your Kaiser Bun from Getting Soggy

Buying a large bag of fresh kaiser buns from your local bakery can be the first step to making a platter of tasty sandwiches for your family or your guests. This type of bun pairs well with all sorts of meats, cheeses, veggies, and other fillings, giving you many different options when you're thinking about what sandwiches you wish to make. Kaisers have a soft interior, so it's important that you take the right approach to prevent the interior from getting soggy. Here are some simple ways to ensure that your kaiser buns don't get soggy before you eat.

Dry Your Ingredients

It's easy for the interior of a sliced kaiser bun to get soggy when you place wet ingredients on it. The moisture from many different ingredients will quickly soak into the bun and soften it. For example, if you rinse a piece of lettuce under the tap and then immediately place it on the bun, this will lead to sogginess. You won't face this issue if you take a moment to thoroughly dry the ingredients that you put on your buns. For example, you can easily pat a piece of lettuce dry with a paper towel.

Apply Condiments Strategically

While it's conventional to brush condiments directly onto the two halves of your sliced kaiser bun, this can be an issue if you're making your sandwiches well in advance of serving them. Over time, some condiments can make the bun soggy. You can avoid sogginess by being strategic about how you apply your condiments. For example, if you're building a sandwich on your kaiser that includes sliced meat and cheese, consider adding a condiment such as mustard to the meat and then placing the cheese on top. This strategy will prevent the condiment from making direct contact with the bun.

Toast The Bun Halves

Another good way to keep your kaiser buns from getting soggy is to toast them. Most kaisers are too thick to toast in your standard toaster, but are easy to slice and toast in your toaster oven. The toasting process helps to firm up the sliced face of each bun half. The bun will still be soft when you bite into it, but the firmness of the sliced face will help to resist moisture and prevent the bun from getting soggy. Visit a bakery in your community to buy a batch of fresh kaiser buns to use for sandwiches.